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Connor Court Publishing is an Australian publishing company based in Brisbane, Queensland. The company, founded in September 2005, publishes all sorts of commercial books — including many biographies, books on politics and in particular — global warming scepticism, culture and education.

Founding and history[edit]

The name "Connor Court" comes from a concatenation of the American writer Flannery O'Connor and 17th century Dutch economist Pieter de la Court.

Authors published include John Killick, Peter Coleman and James Franklin. Its books have been launched by prominent public figures such as Peter Costello, Tony Abbott, Dean Brown, Jack Snelling, Steve Bracks, John Howard and Warren Mundine.

Recent authors include Ken Phillips, Barry Cohen, Ian Plimer, Peta Seaton, Jeff Bennett, Barry Dickins, Kerry Cue as well as Rabbi Shimon Cowen. Titles for 2009 included books on Bioethics, Global Warming, Ecology and Utilitarianism. While in 2011 it began publishing titles on Australian Rules Football.

One of its titles, The Light River, by Hal G.P. Colebatch won the Poetry Category in the 2007 Premier's Award of Western Australia.

In 2009 it published Heaven and Earth by Ian Plimer. According to the publisher, the book sold over 40,000 copies and reached number one on the Neilsen Bookscan Australia, 2 May 2009.[1]

In 2012 Connor Court authors ranged from Gary Johns to Barry Dickins.

The book No Contraception, No Dole by Gary Johns was released in September 2015.[2]


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