Tao Business

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Tao Business
Tao Business album cover.jpg
EP by Klopka Za Pionira
Released 2007
Recorded 2007
Genre Noise, experimental, improvisation
Length 18:38
Label Ne-ton
Producer Damjan Brkić
Klopka Za Pionira chronology
Tao Business EP
Fiskalna kasa za dilera grasa EP
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Tao Business is an EP by the Serbian noise-rock band Klopka Za Pionira, released in 2007 (see 2007 in music) on the Ne-ton independent label. It has only one song, albeit almost twenty minutes long, which is actually an excerpt from one of the band's sessions with Vladimir Palibrk (the brother of their regular drummer Vuk Palibrk) on drums as a special guest. The whole song was recorded in one take at the Pančevo gallery Elektrika, all instruments at the same time, and is built on improvisation. The result is a drone, noise tune with a free-jazz form. There are almost no lyrics and surprisingly little guitar while the bass guitar, drums and electronics dominate.

Track listing[edit]

All lyrics by Mileta Mijatović and music by Klopka Za Pionira

  1. "Tao Business" – 18:38



  • Tao Business (CD liner). Klopka Za Pionira. Ne-ton. 2007. 

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