Tarık Buğra

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Tarık Buğra or born Süleyman Tarık Buğra (2 September 1918 - 26 February 1994) was Turkish journalist, novelist and short story author. He was well known author at Republican literature in his country. He was honoured as State Artist in 1991. Buğra is father of scientist Ayşe Buğra.

Buğra was born on 2 September 1918 son of criminal judge Mehmet Nazım Bey of Erzurum and Nazike Hanim of Akşehir in Akşehir, a town of Konya province in central Turkey. His hometown was efficient on Buğra's literatural identity, He preferred to signify this town in most of his works. Buğra graduated from primary school and seconder school in same town.