Tar (band)

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Origin Chicago, Illinois, United States
Genres Indie rock, Noise rock, Post-hardcore
Years active 1988—1995
Labels Touch and Go Records
Amphetamine Reptile Records
No Blow Records
Members Mike Greenlees
John Mohr
Mark Zablocki
Tom Zaluckyj
Past members Tim Mescher

Tar was an American post-hardcore band, formed in 1988 in Chicago, Illinois.


The precursor to Tar was a hardcore punk outfit called Blatant Dissent, which formed in DeKalb, Illinois where singer/guitarist John Mohr and drummer Mike Greenlees were attending Northern Illinois University. Joining Mohr and Greenlees in Tar were original bassist Tim Mescher (only until 1991 and who also played for Snailboy), bassist Tom Zaluckyj and guitarist Mark Zablocki. Zaluckyj and Mohr played unique instruments, crafted of aluminum, designed by Ian Schneller of Specimen Products.

The band released albums on the Amphetamine Reptile and Touch and Go Records labels before disbanding in 1995. During its career, the band released a total of four singles, four albums, two mini albums, and contributed songs to six compilations and split singles. The band toured nationally and internationally with bands such as Jawbox, Arcwelder, and the Jesus Lizard. In 1994 the band made the decision to call it quits after releasing one final album. Over and Out was written and recorded over a period of a year and a half, produced by the band and engineered by Steve Albini and Bob Weston, and released in 1995.

Tar reunited for a one-off performance at the PRF BBQ 2012 festival in Chicago, and later in the year, as opening act for Shellac (band) at Lincoln hall in Chicago.




  • Handsome EP/12" (Amphetamine Reptile Records, 1989, ARR60)
  • Roundhouse LP/CD (Amphetamine Reptile Records, 1990, ARR11)
  • Jackson LP/CD (Amphetamine Reptile Records, 1991, ARR22)
  • Clincher EP/CDEP (Touch and Go Records, 1993, TG109)
  • Toast LP/CD/Picture Disc (Touch and Go Records, 1993, TG106)
  • Over and Out LP/CD (Touch and Go Records, 1995, TG145)

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