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Tara Beier
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Background information
Birth nameTara Browne
BornVancouver, British Columbia, Canada
GenresFolk, Alternative, Country and Pop.
Occupation(s)Singer-songwriter and actress.
Years active2007 – present
LabelsRed Raven Records (distributed by Kobalt Music Group)[1]

Tara Beier is a Canadian singer-songwriter and actress.

Early life[edit]

Beier was born in Vancouver, British Columbia and is the oldest of 2 siblings, a sister, and brother. She has a half-sister from her father’s side. Beier’s father is Filipino and a hairstylist and her mother is of British, Austrian and Scottish descent.[2] Beier has always been an avid equestrian horse rider, whilst growing up her family could not afford lessons so she mucked out barns to ride, she attended several different schools whilst growing up and started playing classical piano from the age of 5 years old, she also did tap dancing as a young child as well. Beier attended The Royal Conservatory of Music for over 10 years, She had a very strict piano teacher, however to this day is very thankful for the strong foundation in music she received. Her great-grandfather was a working pianist in Victoria, Canada. As a child, and whilst growing up in a typical middle-class neighbourhood in Vancouver, Beier and her family suffered due to their diverse ethnic backgrounds. Often her family would be at the end of the racist remarks by neighbours. On one occasion, on a family camping trip, people threw rocks at her parent's tent. In an interview with Empirical Magazine at the end of 2012, Beier was quoted saying “I’m not Asian enough, not white enough, not Spanish enough. A casting director even told me that to my face. He is a friend and he told me [that’s] the way the business is.”[3]



Beier started her career with theatre acting, writing poetry, and later pursued a career in filmmaking as a producer, she was the producer/writer of "I Met A Man From Burma"[4] which helped free a Karen ex-soldier and then wrote/performed native rights film "Covered” where she played the role of Buffy, in the docudrama highlighting a 1966 television interview of the legendary folk singer and activist Buffy Sainte-Marie.[5][6]Following the release of this film, she began writing music. Beier also worked as an actress in her early years, appearing in other independent films. Beier acted in the short film It Remains Unsaid, a film where she starred as the principal antagonist.[7] Composed and supported by twin musicians Tegan and Sara, this Toronto production featured Beier as a torn and confused lesbian “coming out” in early adulthood.

Film festivals[edit]

Beier’s documentary film, I Met A Man From Burma was accepted into the Vancouver International Film Festival Reel Causes Program, which partners with filmmakers and Canadian causes dedicated to addressing global social justice issues. Beier sent the Canadian immigration minister a copy of the film, later the minister called her, to say that an upgrade from refugee status to full citizenship would soon take place. In 2014, Beier’s film Covered won the Best Experimental category at the Imaginenative Film Festival in Toronto, and was also accepted into the Toronto International Film Festival and Whistler Film Festival and a number of other international film festivals.[8]

Musical career[edit]

Whilst playing the role of Buffy, this inspired Beier to focus on music, and in 2016 Beier released her first album Hero & The Sage’’[9][10] which was produced by Bret Higgins of the Great Lake Swimmers. In 2017, Beier released California 1970'’ a 6 track EP, which was produced at The Village (studio) in Los Angeles, guitarist Adam Zimmon, drummer Tripp Beam, bassist Eliot Lorango, and keyboardist Sasha Smith contributed to the EP.[11] Beier’s music genre has been described as a blend of folk, alternative, country, and pop.[12][13]



  • Hero & The Sage (2016)[14]

Singles, EP’s[edit]

  • California 1970 (2017)
  • Forgiveness (2017)[15]

Personal life[edit]

Beier is married to film producer Dennis Beier, they met on the set of a Nivea television commercial. They currently reside in Los Angeles[2][14][16] and have previously resided in Hamburg, Berlin, and Toronto. Beier has openly admitted she has not ever had a strong relationship with her father. He had a traumatic background and her grandfather was murdered in the Philippines due to guerrilla warfare. The trauma of that incident affected her father and his way of coping was not the best for a healthy relationship growing up.[15]

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