Tarrabool Lake

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Tarrabool Lake
Tarrabool lake.jpg
The lake (left) as seen from space. Cluster on the right includes Corella Lake and Lake Sylvester (September 1993)[1]
Location Northern Territory
Coordinates 18°20′S 135°0′E / 18.333°S 135.000°E / -18.333; 135.000Coordinates: 18°20′S 135°0′E / 18.333°S 135.000°E / -18.333; 135.000
Basin countries Australia

Tarrabool Lake is located on the western fringe of the Barkly Tableland in northeastern Northern Territory, Australia. The size of the lake fluctuates as a function of the amount of precipitation that the surrounding area receives in any given year. Although the lake is fed by several creeks, it receives most of its runoff from Creswell Creek, which enters the northeast end of the lake.

When fully inundated, Tarrabool is the largest wooded swamp in tropical Australia. It is a major breeding area for colonial water birds, especially Australian pelicans and straw-necked ibis. The lake is part of the Tarrabool Lake - Eva Downs Swamp System Important Bird Area, identified as such by BirdLife International because of its importance as a breeding site for waterbirds.[2]