Tartu University Clinic

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Tartu University Clinic
Location Tartu, Estonia
Funding Public hospital
Hospital type Teaching
Affiliated university University of Tartu
Emergency department Yes
Beds 965
Helipad Yes
Founded 1804
Website www.kliinikum.ee/eng
The main building
Clinic of Internal Medicine
Maarjamõisa Polyclinic

The Tartu University Clinic (Estonian: Tartu Ülikooli Kliinikum) is a healthcare and medical teaching service in Tartu, Estonia, and a subsidiary of the Tartu University. Its administrative services are located in two buildings on Puusepa Street; its buildings are located throughout the city of Tartu. As an exception, the Clinic's andrology clinic has a facility in Tallinn, on Gonsiori Street.

The clinic is the largest employer of Tartu.[citation needed]

The clinic had a pioneering role in the study of mental illnesses, as it was the world's first university clinic with a psychiatry department.[1] Famous German psychiatrist Emil Kraepelin worked there.[2]

The surgery of the clinic is connected with works of famous Russian surgeons Nikolay Pirogov[3] (worked there in 1836–1840) and Nikolai Burdenko[4] (worked there in 1906–1918).


The Tartu University Hospital, also known as Tartu Hospital, located at 8 Puusepa Street, is a part of the Tartu University Clinic.


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