Taste of Heaven

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Taste of Heaven
Taste of Heaven Album.jpg
Studio album by Takara
Released May 1995
Genre Hard rock
Label Long Island Records
Producer Jeff Scott Soto
Takara chronology
Eternal Faith
(1993)Eternal Faith1993
Taste of Heaven
Blind in Paradise
(1998)Blind in Paradise1998

Taste of Heaven was the second studio album by hard rock band Takara released in May 1995 on Long Island Records.

Upon its release, the album was selling so well that Long Island Records brought the band to Germany for a promo tour. After one week in Germany they returned home to find that their new album had broken into the Billboard chart in Japan at number 96.[citation needed]

Track listing[edit]

  1. "When Darkness Falls"
  2. "Days of Dawn"
  3. "Your Love"
  4. "December"
  5. "Last Mistake"
  6. "Taste of Heaven"
  7. "Sacred Pleasure"
  8. "2 Late"
  9. "Save Me"
  10. "Lonely Shade of Blue"
  11. "Again Your Love Is Mine" (Acoustic)
  12. "Restless Heart" (Acoustic)