Shinosuke Tatekawa

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Tatekawa Shinosuke, 2015

Shinosuke Tatekawa (立川 志の輔, Tatekawa Shinosuke, born 15 February 1954, from Shinminato, Toyama (now part of Imizu)) is a rakugo performer. His real name is Teruo Takeuchi (竹内 照雄, Takeuchi Teruo). With his comic group, Rokunin-no-Kai (Group of Six), formed in 2003, he has helped to popularise rakugo among young Japanese people.[1] He is also well known as a TV presenter, and has presented the primetime NHK General show Tameshite Gatten (ためしてガッテン) since it started in 1995.

Tatekawa received the grand prize Sponichi Art & Culture Award in 2008 for "Shinosuke Rakugo in Parco".[2]



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