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Tatiana Bezjak (/ˈbæzjɑːk/; born Tatjana Bezjak; August 3, 1971 in Zagreb Croatia), is a Croatian sculptor and novelist. She has written essays on art and in 2013 published the novel X which among several themes, explores the obstacles a woman navigates in the contemporary art world.

Tatiana Bezjak graduated from the School of Applied Arts and Design. Following this, she also graduated as a sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Zagreb. She lives in Zagreb and works as an independent artist.


Since 1992 she exhibits in Croatia and Europe.[1] Her work has been commissioned for public spaces in Croatia including the Croatian Academy of Sciences and Arts Philological Institute.[2]

Her work follows the centuries long tradition of research and expression of universal human preoccupations and aspirations, thoughts and feelings, instincts and persuasions, in history most commonly passed along as myths and legends, rituals and customs but also recorded as literature and art. Her opus Winged ones explores the archetypes and ancestral legacies of winged humanoid forms (Angel), their stories and symbolism throughout cultures as part of a mosaic of World heritage.[3]

In 2011, ARTslanT awarded her the winner prize for the work Parallel at their 3rd International showcase.[4] Previous winners include artists like Edra Soto, Theresa Ganz, Michael Zelehoski, Holly Murkerson, Robin Kang.[5]

Published by Durieux in 2013 her novel X with themes ranging from love, over symbolism in art and in nature, through the friction a woman artist is often facing in contemporary society. Art critic Nađa Bobičić nevertheless reminds us of the struggle towards the end, at which point the reader is awarded with an ending devoid of naivete, one which is full of optimism, one which reminds us of the cycles of creation and renewal.[6]

In the novel, Tatjana Bezjak is also concerned with the unenviable position of independent artists, especially artists who in this country, with more or less passion, struggle for survival, despite society's ignorance.[7]

In 2017, Tatjana Bezjak has signed the Declaration on the Common Language of the Croats, Serbs, Bosniaks and Montenegrins.[8]


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