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Tatra K5AR
Tatra K5AR in Cairo in 1977
ManufacturerČKD Tatra
Constructed1971 - 1973
SuccessorTatra KT4
Capacity56 (Seated)
92 (Standing)
Train length21,600 mm (70 ft 10 in)
Width2,500 mm (8 ft 2 in)
Height3,050 mm (10 ft 0 in)
Articulated sections1
Power output178 kW
Track gauge1,000 mm (3 ft 3 3⁄8 in)

The Tatra K5AR was an articulated tramcar built by ČKD Tatra. It was unusual in that it was one of the few tramcars built by ČKD Tatra to be exported outside of Eastern Europe, and was designed specifically for the city of Cairo, Egypt, which took 200 examples. The K5AR was bi-directional and was fitted with 3 doors in each car, and its electrical equipment was designed to withstand the sub-tropical climate of Egypt. After less than a decade in service, the vast majority of these tramcars were in very poor condition owing to over-loading and poor maintenance, and only a small handful remained in service until the mid-1980s.[1]


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