Tatra T6B5

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Tatra T6B5 tram in Sofia, Bulgaria
Tatra T6B5 tram in Sofia, Bulgaria
Manufacturer ČKD Praha
Inekon Trams
Constructed ČKD: 1983 – 1995
Inekon: 1995 – 2007
Current collection method pantograph

Tatra T6B5 is a Czechoslovak-built high floor four axle tram with an impulsive speed control. This model of tram was produced by CKD Praha in Smíchov, Prague in the period of 1983-1995, following one year in Zličín until 1996. It is a license-built Soviet KTM-5 (produced in USSR itself approximately in 1969-1992). After ČKD Praha went bankrupt, the final assembly and sale of incomplete trams was managed by Inekon Trams until 2007. The last four trams were supplied to the city of Ufa by late 2007. About 1,150 tramcars of this model were produced. In the Ex-Soviet Republics it is also known as Т3М. In 2015 most of these trams were used in Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan.[note 1]

Tram description[edit]

The T6B5 is notably distinct from the other sub-classes of the T6 series. Its most noticeable difference is its extra width, which causes the front end not to look as "pointed" as the other T6 types.


T6B5, also known as T3M, is a four-axle motorized single-ended tram. Tram cars can be used autonomously as well as in multiple units, controlled from single console. These trams cannot be used with motorless trailer tramcars. It is possible to rise only one pantograph, when such trams are driven in sets of two. Yet using three-car tram sets, two pantographs must be up. Controlling the second tram cars from a first is possible even if the traction equipment of a first car is out of order.


  1. ^ In 1994-1996 being licensed Czech Manufacturers Dnepropetrovsk based plant, Yuzhmash (literally translated as "Southern Machinery Plant", because it is located in Dnepropetrovsk, southern Ukraine) built 38 trams of this kind, designated as Tatra-Yug (Tatra-Yug is Russian for "Tatra-South", the index word "south" came from the fact that Dnepropetrovsk in located in southern part of Ukraine). Then they produced 75 modified trams based on T6B5 model, which was designated as K-1. Besides the countries of the former USSR, Tatra T6B5 trams were also supplied to Bulgaria and North Korea.

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