Tau Cross (band)

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Tau Cross
Years active2013–present
Associated actsAmebix, Voivod, Misery, War//Plague, Frustration
Past members
  • Andy Lefton
  • Jon Misery
  • Tom Radio
  • James Adams
  • Michel Langevin

Tau Cross is an international rock supergroup, consisting of Rob Miller of England's Amebix, Michel Langevin of Canada's Voivod, Jon Misery, Tom Radio and Andy Lefton of America's Misery, Frustration and War//Plague, respectively, and James Adams.[1][2]


Tau Cross' third album, Messengers of Deception was originally scheduled for release on August 9, 2019,[3] but the band was later removed from their label Relapse Records and the release was canceled, leaving the album's fate in doubt. Relapse chose to sever its relationship with the band due to the fact that the liner notes of "Messengers Of Deception" "prominently thanked" Gerard Menuhin, a Holocaust denier.[4]

Musical style[edit]

Tau Cross' musical style is primarily described as crust punk,[5][6] punk rock[5][7] and heavy metal,[7] with many critics referring to it as a continuation of the style of Miller's previous band Amebix[5][8] The band have also been described as alternative rock, gothic rock, traditional doom metal, post-punk, progressive rock and thrash metal and industrial.[9][6][1][10] Citing influences such as Killing Joke, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd, Joy Division and 16th century English mysticism,[1] their music has also been compared to the work of Motörhead, Prong and New Model Army.[5][11]


  • Rob "The Baron" Miller - bass, vocals
  • Andy Lefton - guitar
  • Jon Misery - guitar
  • Tom Radio - bass
  • James Adams - keyboards
  • Michel "Away" Langevin - drums


  • Tau Cross (2015)
  • Pillar of Fire (2017)
  • Messengers of Deception (TBA)


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