Tawahi (Aden)

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Tawahi or (Arabic: التواهي‎) is a city district in the city of Aden, located in the Aden Governorate in Yemen.

Etymology & History[edit]

The name Al-Tawahi is derived from the anglicized local Adeni dialect pronunciation of the word suburbs (Arabic: الضواحي‎), the Tawahi district became known as "Steamer Point" during Aden's time as a British colony. It was urbanized by the Brits & planned as a modern port and was part of Aden Settlement.[1]


Its population in 2004 is about 52,984.

Coordinates: 12°47′N 44°59′E / 12.783°N 44.983°E / 12.783; 44.983


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Muhammad Abd al wali in Sana, ville ouverte mentions the city district. Template:Yemen-geo -stub