Tbilisi TV Broadcasting Tower

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Tbilisi TV Broadcasting Tower
თბილისის ტელეანძა
Mt Mtats'minda, Tbilisi, Georgia (view from Metekhi cliff).JPG
General information
LocationTbilisi, Georgia
Coordinates41°41′45″N 44°47′05″E / 41.69583°N 44.78472°E / 41.69583; 44.78472Coordinates: 41°41′45″N 44°47′05″E / 41.69583°N 44.78472°E / 41.69583; 44.78472
Antenna spire274.5 m (900.6 ft)

Georgia Tbilisi TV Broadcasting Tower (Georgian: თბილისის ტელეანძა, tbilisis teleandza) is a free-standing tower structure used for communications purposes. The tower is located in Tbilisi, Georgia and was built in 1972. The preceding structure, built in 1955, was moved to the vicinity of the city of Gori.

The tower is operated by "Georgian Teleradiocenter",[1] that was established 1955. Communication systems on the tower include regular broadcast, MMDS, pager and cellular, commercial TV, and amateur radio repeater. The tower is 274.5 m (901 ft) high on a mountain at 719.2 m (2,360 feet) above sea level.

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