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Creek Vean, Pill Lane, Feock, Cornwall

Team 4 was a British architectural firm, established in 1963 by architecture graduates Su Brumwell, Wendy Cheesman, Norman Foster and Richard Rogers. Team 4 was dissolved in 1967.[1]

The practice originally included Wendy Cheesman's sister Georgie Wolton (née Cheesman) who, as the only qualified architect of the group, allowed the practice to function. Georgie Cheeseman left after only a few months, leaving the remaining members to try to pass their professional exams while continuing to practice.[2]

Rogers, Foster and Brumwell had first met while studying at Yale University. Rogers and Brumwell later married one another, as did Foster and Wendy Cheeseman.[2]

Notable projects[edit]

One of the first projects for Team 4 was a commission from Su Brumwell’s parents, Marcus and Irene Brumwell, to build a new house in Feock, Cornwall, called Creek Vean. They sold a Piet Mondrian painting bought from the artist in the 1930s, to fund the new house.[1] Marcus Brumwell was the founder of the Design Research Unit.[3] Creek Vean took 3 years to construct and was completed in 1966.[4] It became the first ever house to win a R.I.B.A. Award.[2] Creek Vean is a listed building, having been listed Grade II in 1998, and subsequently upgraded to Grade II*.[4] It is listed as "Creekvean and Attached Entrance Bridge and Walls to Road, Feock".[3]

Team 4 designed Skybreak House in Radlett, Hertfordshire. It was built between 1965 and 1966,[5] and the interior of the house was used in the film A Clockwork Orange.[6] The final project for Team 4 was the Reliance Controls building in Swindon, which was completed in 1967, just before Team 4 dissolved. It was noteworthy as it removed the separation of management and workforce by creating a common entrance and canteen.[1]

Rogers claims a planning scheme of 120 houses for Water Homes, at Coulsdon, Surrey, to be "probably the most important project of our Team 4 period".[2]

Foster would later establish Foster and Partners and Rogers established Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners.

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