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Tecnica Group S.p.A
Industry Snowsports, sportswear, clothing
Founded 1960
Headquarters Giavera del Montello, Italy
Website Tecnica Group

Tecnica Group is a sportswear manufacturer from Giavera del Montello, Treviso, Italy. Tecnica Group brands include Tecnica, Nordica,[1][2] Moon Boot,[3] Rollerblade,[4] Lowa,[5] and Blizzard Sport.[3] The Group covers the sport fields of Alpine Ski, Lifestyle, Outdoor Sports, and gliding Sports.


Tecnica Group was established in the ‘90s. During the years many brands has become part of the Group and nowadays it covers various product categories, specifically skiboots, skis, outdoor and footwear, apparel and accessories, and skates.

The Group finds its roots in the Tecnica brand, as the Group is controlled by the Tecnica founder Giancarlo Zanatta and his son Alberto.

The “Calzaturificio Tecnica Spa” born on 1960 focusing its activity on work-boots production. In 1970, Tecnica launched the first Moon Boot.

On 1985 Tecnica diversified its production in the outdoor market.

In 1993 Tecnica takes over Lowa, the most prestigious German company in the outdoor footwear market. For the first time, an Italian company acquires a top-level German company in this field.

In those years the company starts to build a Group identity, covering different sports fields and controlling an international market scenario.

With the acquisition of Dolomite (the world’s oldest existing mountain equipment brand), Tecnica Group becomes the 3rd Group in the winter sporting goods market (1998). Actually the brand, sold in 2015, is not part of the Group anymore.

In 2002, Tecnica Group takes over Nordica, the premium ski brand, thus becoming the first world’s skiboot manufacturer and entering the first ski production.

Tecnica Group decides to expand its market in the gliding sports area in 2003, taking over the Rollerblade brand, which is the most important in-line skates reality, inventor of the category and worldwide synonymous of the whole sport for millions of fans.

To strengthen the leadership in the international wintersports market, Tecnica Group acquires Blizzard in 2006, the historic Austrian ski brand.


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