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Edward (Teddy) Ezra Rosen (1898 - 6 March 1966) was the founder of Ultra Electronics, one of the United Kingdom's largest electronics manufacturers.


Born the son of Rachel and Samuel Rosen, immigrants from Poland,[1] Teddy was educated at the Jews' Free School in Kenton, northwest London.[2] He joined Marconi in the Post Office Wireless Department in 1911.[1] During World War I Teddy joined the Royal Flying Corps where he serviced radios.[1] In 1920 he founded Ultra Electric where he was keen on delivering quality radio sets at a reasonable price.[1] He was Chairman of the Radio Manufacturers' Association[3] and served as Chairman of the Television and Radio Industries Club in 1953/54.[4]

He was still Chairman on Ultra Electric (Holdings) Group in 1961[5] but resigned shortly after the acquisition of the business by Thorn Electrical Industries in October of that year.[6]

In 1960 he became Chairman of the British Technion Society which supports the Israel Institute of Technology.[7] The Institute awarded him an honorary Doctor of Science in Technology in 1966.[8]

In retirement he was still giving talks on his career.[9]

He died on 6 March 1966, in Hove.[10]