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"Tehran" (1946 film).jpg
British theatrical poster
Directed by William Freshman
Giacomo Gentilomo
Produced by John Stafford
Ákos Tolnay
Written by Akos Tolnay
William Freshman
Basil Mason
A.R. Rawlinson
Based on a story by Dorothy Hope
Starring Derek Farr
Marta Labarr
Music by Enzo Masetti
Cinematography Ubaldo Arata (as U. Arata)
Edited by Renzo Lucidi
Distributed by General Film Distributors (UK)
Release date
3 October 1946 (Italy)
1947 (UK)
Running time
86 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Tehran is a 1946 British-Italian thriller film co-directed by Giacomo Gentilomo and William Freshman. It stars Derek Farr as Pemberton Grant, a British intelligence officer who discovers a plot to assassinate the President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt at the Tehran Conference during the Second World War. It also featured Marta Labarr, Manning Whiley and Pamela Stirling. [1] It was also released under the alternative titles Appointment in Persia and The Plot to Kill Roosevelt and Conspiracy in Teheran.[2]


In 1943, Churchill, Stalin and Roosevelt meet at the Teheran conference to agree plans for the Allied invasion of Europe. Whilst attempting to trace ballerina Natalie Trubetzin (Marta Labarr), who he met before the outbreak of war, British journalist Pemberton Grant (Derek Farr) uncovers a deadly conspiracy. The plot, led by Paul Sherek (Manning Whiley), involves international arms dealers, who can't afford to, and do not wish to have peace declared, and plan to blow up President Roosevelt during his visit.

Partial cast[edit]

Critical reception[edit]

The Radio Times called it a "shambolic British thriller";[3] TV Guide wrote, "Whiley's performance alone provides some semblance of acting, and the technical end is almost totally incompetent";[4] but Allmovie wrote, "Even though the audience knows the outcome, there's thrills aplenty in The Plot to Kill Roosevelt."[2]


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