Courthouse of Tehran

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Courthouse of Tehran
Kāx e Dādgostari ye Tehrān (Persian)
Ministerstvo spravedlnosti v Teheránu.jpg
Courthouse of Tehran in 1970s
General information
Architectural style Neoclassical
Location Tehran, Iran
Country Iran
Coordinates 35.6816° N, 51.4189° E
Completed 1946
Design and construction
Architect Gabriel Guevrekian

Courthouse of Tehran (کاخِ دادگستریِ تهران – Kāx e Dādgostari ye Tehrān), is the historical courthouse of Tehran, the capital of Iran.

It was designed by architect Gabriel Guevrekian, using neoclassical architecture. The building was built between 1938 and 1946, as the construction was suspended for several years due to the World War II.

Today, High Council of the Judiciary is based in this building.



Coordinates: 35°40′54″N 51°25′08″E / 35.6816°N 51.4189°E / 35.6816; 51.4189