Teignmouth Lifeboat Station

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Teigtnmouth Lifeboat Station
Teignmouth lifeboat station with B809.jpg
Teignmouth Lifeboat Station is located in Devon
Teignmouth Lifeboat Station
General information
TypeRNLI Lifeboat Station
LocationThe Point, TQ14 8EW
Coordinates50°32′32″N 3°29′53″W / 50.542157°N 3.497941°W / 50.542157; -3.497941Coordinates: 50°32′32″N 3°29′53″W / 50.542157°N 3.497941°W / 50.542157; -3.497941
OpenedFirst lifeboat 1851
Present station 1862
OwnerRoyal National Lifeboat Institution

Teignmouth Lifeboat Station is the base for Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) search and rescue operations at Teignmouth, Devon in England. The first lifeboat was stationed in the town in 1851 but the station was closed from 1940 until 1990. Since 2006 it has operated an Atlantic 85 inshore lifeboat (ILB).


The Shipwrecked Fishermen and Mariners' Royal Benevolent Society sent a lifeboat to Teignmouth in 1851. It was kept near the Custom House in an earlier boathouse on the beach. In 1854 the Benevolent Society transferred its lifeboats to the RNLI. A new boathouse was provided on The Den with the doors facing the harbour and the River Teign.[1]

On 10 October 1907 the lifeboat Alfred Staniforth was launched to aid the schooner Tehwija which had run aground near the mouth of the river with eight crewmen on board. It took the lifeboat crew two attempts to row out over the bar at the mouth of the river into the heavy seas. The ship's crew were pulled off but within fifteen minutes the storm had completely wrecked the grounded ship. W.J. Burden, the Honorary Secretary of the lifeboat station, had gone out in the lifeboat to steer it while Coxswain George Rice and the bowman added extra power to the oars. Burden and Rice were both awarded RNLI Silver Medals for their work that day.[1]

The RNLI started to deploy motor lifeboats after World War I which allowed stations to cover larger areas. Brixham Lifeboat Station received theirs in 1922 and Exmouth in 1933 but the 'pulling and sailing' boat at Teignmouth was retained until 6 November 1940. The Henry Finlay was then left in the boathouse on standby through World War II but the station was closed permanently in July 1945.[1]

On 3 November 1990 the RNLI reopened Teignmouth as an inshore lifeboat station. The old boathouse had been used as a café for a few years but was available for conversion back into a boathouse, which was completed in 1991.[1]


The boathouse is a single storey masonry building. The slate roof overhangs both sides by a considerable extent and is supported on upright posts. When it was refurbished for its 1991 reopening a fund-raising gift shop was installed under the eastern overhang.

Large doors open onto the road. When the lifeboat is to be launched a small County tractor (RNLI No. TA21; registration WCL 764X) pushes it on its 'bedstead' carriage down the road opposite to a slipway on the harbour.

Area of operation[edit]

The Atlantic 85 can go out in Force 6/7 winds (Force 5/6 at night) and can operate at up to 35 knots (65 km/h) for 2½ hours.[2] Adjacent lifeboats – both ILBs and larger all-weather lifeboats – are stationed at Exmouth to the east, and Torbay to the west.[3]


'ON' is the RNLI's sequential Official Number; 'Op. No.' is the operational number painted onto the boat.

Pulling and sailing lifeboats[edit]

ON Name Built At Teignmouth Class Comments
1851? 1851–1863? 28 feet (8.5 m) self-righting boat designed by James Beeching for the SFMRBS.[1]
China 1863? 1863–1864 33 feet (10 m) experimental iron self-righter.[1]
China 1864? 1864–1887 Peake 32 feet (9.8 m) boat, renamed Arnold in 1880.[1]
? Arnold 1887? 1887–1896 Peake 34 feet (10 m) boat.[1]
363 Alfred Staniforth 1894 1896–1930 Self-Righter 34 feet (10 m) boat.[1]
618 Henry Finlay 1911 1931–1940 Peake 35 feet (11 m) boat, formerly at Macrihanish. Sold in 1945 and reported under restoration at Dartmouth in 2008.[4]

Inshore lifeboats[edit]

Op. No. Name At Teignmouth Class Type Comments
B-538 Lord Brotherton 1990–1990 B Atlantic 21 On station for just two weeks in November.[1]
B-533 (No name) 1990–1991 B Atlantic 21 [1]
B-588 Frank and Dorothy 1991–2006 B Atlantic 21 [5]
B-809 The Two Annes 2006–date B Atlantic 85 Also carries inflatable daughter boat XP-32.[6][3]

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