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TeleSign New Logo.png
Type of business Private
Founded 2005
Headquarters Marina del Rey, United States
Key people Aled Miles CEO, Charles McColgan, CTO, Ryan Disraeli (Co-founder), Stacy Stubblefield (Co-founder), Darren Berkovitz (co-founder)
Industry Communications Platform as a Service

TeleSign Corporation is a Communications Platform as a Service company, founded on security, based in Los Angeles, California.[1] Founded in 2005 by Darren Berkovitz, Ryan Disraeli and Stacy Stubblefield, the company mainly provides Two-factor authentication services, a secure supplementary method of preventing illicit access to online accounts used by many companies like iTunes, Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook, Twitter, Facebook, Bank of America, Chase, Discover, PayPal, Etsy, and more.[2][3] The company also offers a variety of cloud communications APIs via a self-service portal.[4] Aled Miles is the current CEO of the company.[5]

TeleSign offers cloud-based APIs and SDKs that help prevent registration fraud, reduce the risk of account takeover and securely authenticate end-users across their account lifecycle. Its PhoneID Score service analyzes phone data such as phone number, device model number, telecom operator and type of SIM connection and result a score between 0 and 1000, with 0 best and 1000 worst.[6][7][8]


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