Telephone (application)

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Developer(s) 64 Characters
Stable release
1.2.6 / December 19, 2016; 4 months ago (2016-12-19)
Written in Objective-C, Swift
Operating system macOS
Available in English, German, Russian
License GPL

Telephone is a softphone for macOS developed by 64 Characters. It uses Session Initiation Protocol for communication. Telephone is distributed as free software under GPL.

Audio codecs[edit]

  • G.711 family codec (PCMA, PCMU)
  • Speex/8000 (narrowband), Speex/16000 (wideband), and Speex/32000 (ultra-wideband)
  • Opus
  • iLBC
  • GSM
  • L16 family of codecs

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