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Pipeline from Telestream is a network video capture and playout hardware device that is used to move SDI and tape-based video and audio in and out of file-based workflows. It is also known as an encoder and capturing system for QuickTime and Final Cut Pro.[1]

Pipeline has been used as the main video capture device by "renowned producer and editor, Mitch Jacobson"[2][3] for "two recent major live events: an Elton John concert and a Guitar Hero publicity launch for Aerosmith.[3]


  • Network-accessible SDI video capture and playout devices
  • Encode to multiple HD and/or SD formats in a single box
  • Edit or transcode media files while they are being captured
  • Schedule automated live ingest or log from tape
  • Sits on your network – so anyone can access it
  • Real-time, reliable hardware encoding[1]

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