Tellisford Mill

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Tellisford Mill
Head race and building housing the micro hydro turbine, Tellisford Mill
Tellisford Mill is located in Somerset
Tellisford Mill
Location within Somerset
General information
Town or cityFrome, Somerset
Coordinates51°18′00″N 2°16′50″W / 51.2999°N 2.2806°W / 51.2999; -2.2806Coordinates: 51°18′00″N 2°16′50″W / 51.2999°N 2.2806°W / 51.2999; -2.2806
Construction startedc. 11th century
Completed2007 (restored)

Tellisford Mill is a 55 kilowatts (74 hp) installed capacity micro hydro run-of-the-river power station on the site of a former watermill in the village of Tellisford in the Mendip district of Somerset, England. The mill lies on the River Frome, 5 12 miles (9 km) north-east of the town of Frome.

Old Francis turbine at Tellisford Mill

Part of the Mendip Power Group,[2] the mill was restored to power in April 2007 using a German-made 55 kW vertically mounted Kaplan turbine, which is expected to produce on average 270 megawatt-hours (970 GJ) per year.[3][4] The turbine replaced a 6 kW (8.0 hp) Francis turbine built in 1895.[2]

Tellisford Mill is also home to a photographic studio.


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