River Frome, Somerset

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River Frome
Tellisford bridge.jpg
Bridge at Tellisford over the River Frome
Country England
County Somerset
 - left Henhambridge brook, Mells River
City Frome
 - location Witham Friary, Mendip, Somerset, England
 - coordinates 51°10′05″N 2°22′01″W / 51.16806°N 2.36694°W / 51.16806; -2.36694
Mouth River Avon
 - location Freshford, Bath and North East Somerset, Somerset, England
 - coordinates 51°20′17″N 2°17′50″W / 51.33806°N 2.29722°W / 51.33806; -2.29722Coordinates: 51°20′17″N 2°17′50″W / 51.33806°N 2.29722°W / 51.33806; -2.29722
Not to be confused with other River Fromes.

The River Frome is a river in Somerset. It rises near Witham Friary, flows north through Blatchbridge to the town of Frome and joins the River Avon at Freshford, south of Bath.

The name Frome comes from the Old British word ffraw meaning fair, fine or brisk and describing the flow of the river.[1]

There are many weirs on the river. Several stretches, particularly below Farleigh Hungerford, are used for coarse fishing and some trout fishing.[2]


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