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Tellurium copper is an alloy of copper and tellurium. Tellurium improves machinability of copper.


Tellurium is usually added to copper to improve machinability ("free cutting"). ASTM specification B301 has 0.5% tellurium; at concentrations of up to 0.75% machinability is improved whilst electrical conductivity and hot working behavior is maintained. Mechanical properties are similar to tough pitch copper, whilst machinability is similar to brass - the alloy's hardnesses are increased by precipitation of copper telluride.[1]

Tellurium copper is not suited to welding though can be welded with gas shielded arc welding or resistance welding; it can be readily soft soldered, silver soldered, or brazed.[2]

Tellurium copper can be used as the electrode in electrical discharge machining (EDM) - the alloy is used to replace copper when grinding wheel loading occurs during fine finishing of the electrode - the alloy retains the properties of copper in the EDM process.[3]

Phase diagram[edit]

Copper forms tellurides. These include Cu4Te, Cu2Te (m.p. 1125C), and CuTe. A eutectic forms at 71% (mol) Te, (m.p. 340C). Between 4.3 to 30% (mol) Te there is stratification between Cu and Cu2Te.[4]


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Further reading[edit]

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