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The ancestry of King Charles II of Spain, showing severe inbreeding that caused him to be the final member of the House of Habsburg to ascend to the Spanish throne.

Philip I of Castile
Joanna of Castile
Isabella of Portugal
Charles V, Holy
Roman Emperor

Ferdinand I, Holy
Roman Emperor
Anna of Bohemia
and Hungary
Isabella of
Christian II
of Denmark
Philip II
of Spain
Maria of
Maximilian II, Holy
Roman Emperor
Charles II, Archduke
of Austria
of Austria
Albert V, Duke
of Bavaria
Christina of
Francis I, Duke
of Lorraine
Anna of Austria
Maria Anna
of Bavaria
William V, Duke
of Bavaria
Renata of
Philip III
of Spain
Margaret of Austria
Ferdinand II, Holy
Roman Emperor
Maria Anna
of Bavaria
Philip IV
of Spain
Maria Anna
of Spain
Ferdinand III, Holy
Roman Emperor
Mariana of
Charles II of Spain