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This page describes the functioning of the CF (Category format) template suite. These are used in conjunction with an automatic category listing to display peer reviews. There is one listing for each topic.

Every item in an automatic category listing is formatted according to a template unique to the topic of that list. For example, each page in an automatically listed [[Category:''topic'']] has a corresponding template:

{{CF/topic|Pagename|Namespace|Timestamp|extra={{{extra|}}} }}

on the category list page.

The parameter extra may be used at the point the list is transcluded to allow formatting of the end list. {{PAGENAME}} may be used instead. For more details, see Wikipedia:Peer_review/Tools


This is the Category Format page for Category:Wikipedia good article reassessment. Its role is to format the appearance of articles listed at Good article reassessment (GAR). It also supplies the data for the GAR backlog, and uses several subtemplates to provide different formats on different pages.

Components of system

These templates are primarily to display peer review items.

Category listings

Articles, once marked with the peer review template, are automatically listed within a category. A bot automatically updates a category listing, which is page containing a list of all articles within that category. The automatic category listing may be transcluded into other pages.

Each item in the page is recorded alongside the name of the item , its namespace number, and a timestamp indicating when it was added to the category. The pages are typically listed in chronological order, and the page is updated regularly by a bot.

Automatic category listing is currently carried out by VeblenBot, a bot account operated by Carl(CBM). Each [[Category:topic]] supported by VeblenBot has a category list page [[User:VeblenBot/C/topic]]. Each topic has items recorded in chronological order, separated by new lines. The items in each category are formatted by {{CF/topic}}. The following categories exist:

As of 2014, the templates used to format the lists have been unified and redirected to a single template, {{PRentry}}.

End-article formatting

If 'extra' is specified

The suite of pages listing reviews in each topic is then transcluded into a single page.

This full list of reviews, separated by subject area, is fully transcluded at: Wikipedia:Peer_review/List_of_active_reviews. This page can be transcluded on other pages, using the parameter 'mode' to change the format of each peer review entry.

  1. If 'mode' is set to 'transclude', all reviews will be displayed in full. As of 2014, this is currently used on Wikipedia:Peer review/Current
  2. If 'mode' is set to 'list', all reviews will be displayed by name, with a list of links to the review, the article and talk page, and an invitation to watch the page. As of 2014, this is the default setting for reviews and can be seen at Wikipedia:Peer_review/List_of_active_reviews
  3. If 'mode' is set to 'raw', or any other value is used, all reviews will be displayed only by their name and the date and time they were added. As of 2014, this is currently used on Wikipedia:Peer reviews by date

For example:

  1. To transclude all reviews, insert into a page: {{Wikipedia:Peer_review/List_of_active_reviews|mode=transclude}}
  2. To transclude a readable list of entries, insert into a page: {{Wikipedia:Peer_review/List_of_active_reviews|mode=list}}
  3. To transclude entries in raw form, insert into a page: {{Wikipedia:Peer_review/List_of_active_reviews|mode=raw}}

If 'extra' is not specified

Whether the automatic category listing is transcluded or not will affect the formatting of each item:

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