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This template creates an inline image that is used in meta pages such as Wikipedia:Vital articles and/or in user pages.

  • Featured article Featured Article: {{Class/icon|FA}}
  • Featured list Featured List: {{Class/icon|FL}}
  • Featured media Featured Media: {{Class/icon|FM}}
  • A-Class article A-Class Article: {{Class/icon|A}}
  • A-Class list A-Class List: {{Class/icon|AL}}
  • Good Article: {{Class/icon|GA}}
  • Bplus-Class article Bplus-Class Article: {{Class/icon|Bplus}}
  • B-Class article B-Class Article: {{Class/icon|B}}
  • B-Class list B-Class List: {{Class/icon|BL}}
  • C-Class article C-Class Article: {{Class/icon|C}}
  • C-Class list C-Class List: {{Class/icon|CL}}
  • Start-Class article Start-Class Article: {{Class/icon|Start}}
  • Stub-Class article Stub-Class Article: {{Class/icon|Stub}}
  • List-Class Article: {{Class/icon|List}}
  • Start-Class list SL-Class Article: {{Class/icon|SL}}
  • SIA-Class article SIA-Class Article: {{Class/icon|SIA}}
  • Non-Article Page: {{Class/icon|NA}}
  • Unknown-Class article Unknown-Class Article: {{Class/icon|No}}
  • Wikipedia Book Book Page: {{Class/icon|Book}}
  • Draft Page: {{Class/icon|Draft}}
  • Category page Category Page: {{Class/icon|Category}}
  • Disambiguation page Disambiguation Page: {{Class/icon|Disambig}}
  • Media File Page: {{Class/icon|Image}}
  • Portal Page: {{Class/icon|Portal}}
  • Project Page: {{Class/icon|Project}}
  • Redirect page Redirect Page: {{Class/icon|Redirect}}
  • Template Page: {{Class/icon|Template}}
  • Unknown: {{Class/icon|}}


This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.

See the monthly error report for this template.

TemplateData for Class

Template parameters

Parameter Description Type Status
Class 1

One of FA, FL, FM, AL, A, GA, B, BL, C, CL, Start, Stub, List, SL, SIA, Bplus, B+, No, Cat, Categ, Category, Dab, Disamb, Disambig, Redirect, Red, Redir, Temp, Templ, Template, NA, Image, File, Portal, Project, Current, Future, Merge, Needed, Unassessed, Draft or Book

Auto value
String required

See also

Standard class types
Featured article FA  Featured list FL  Featured media FM  A-Class article A 
{{class|FA}} {{class|FL}} {{class|FM}} {{class|A}}
 GA  B-Class article B  C-Class article C  Start-Class article Start 
{{class|GA}} {{class|B}} {{class|C}} {{class|Start}}
Stub-Class article Stub   List   NA   ??? 
{{class|Stub}} {{class|List}} {{class|NA}} {{class|Unassessed}}
Non-standard class types
Bplus-Class article Bplus  Current-Class article Current  Future-Class article Future  SIA-Class article SIA 
{{class|Bplus}} {{class|Current}} {{class|Future}} {{class|SIA}}
A-Class list AL  B-Class list BL  C-Class list CL  Start-Class list SL 
{{class|AL}} {{class|BL}} {{class|CL}} {{class|SL}}
Wikipedia Book Book  Category page Category  Disambiguation page Disambig   Draft 
{{class|Book}} {{class|Category}} {{class|Disambig}} {{class|Draft}}
 File   Merge   Needed   Portal 
{{class|File}} {{class|Merge}} {{class|Needed}} {{class|Portal}}
 Project  Redirect page Redirect   Template   User 
{{class|Project}} {{class|Redirect}} {{class|Template}} {{class|User}}
Importance types
 Top   High   Mid   Low 
{{importance|Top}} {{importance|High}} {{importance|Mid}} {{importance|Low}}
 Bottom   NA   ??? 
{{importance|Bottom}} {{importance|NA}} {{importance|Unknown}}
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