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This template automatically adds articles to Category:Articles in need of internal merging or Category:Duplicate articles.

Basic usage: {{Duplication|date=October 2016}}


All parameters are optional.

  • section — changes wording to say "This section duplicates...". Place the template at the top of the section.
    Example: {{Duplication|section=yes}}
  • dupe — adds a link referring to the section or article being duplicated, and adds the article to Category:Duplicate articles instead of Category:Articles in need of internal merging.
    Examples: {{Duplication|dupe=#Section name}} {{Duplication|dupe=Article name}}
  • dupe2 — same as dupe, just allows for an additional section/article to be linked.
    Example: {{Duplication|dupe=Article name|dupe2=#Section name}}

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