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People who died in the [[{{{1}}}{{{2}}}0s BC]].

[[:Category:Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".00s BC deaths|<<]] [[:Category:{{{3}}}-century BC deaths|{{{3}}}-century BC deaths]]: [[:Category:{{{1}}}90s BC deaths|{{{1}}}90s]]–[[:Category:{{{1}}}80s BC deaths|{{{1}}}80s]]–[[:Category:{{{1}}}70s BC deaths|{{{1}}}70s]]–[[:Category:{{{1}}}60s BC deaths|{{{1}}}60s]]–[[:Category:{{{1}}}50s BC deaths|{{{1}}}50s]]–[[:Category:{{{1}}}40s BC deaths|{{{1}}}40s]]–[[:Category:{{{1}}}30s BC deaths|{{{1}}}30s]]–[[:Category:{{{1}}}20s BC deaths|{{{1}}}20s]]–[[:Category:{{{1}}}10s BC deaths|{{{1}}}10s]]–[[:Category:{{{1}}}00s BC deaths|{{{1}}}00s]] [[:Category:Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "{".90s BC deaths|>>]]

[[Category:{{{2}}}0s BC|Deaths]] [[Category:{{{3}}}-century BC deaths| DeathdecadeBC]]

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This template is for use on category pages for deaths by decade BC.

To create such a page, add


where C is the century digit(s) within the year number, Y is the next digit in the year number (that specifies the decade), and Ccc is the name of the century.

For example, for deaths in the 690s BC, add


The template will put the category into a parent category for deaths in that decade, e.g. Category:7th-century BC deaths.

For years in the 12th to 1st centuries BC, it will also put the category into a parent category for events in that decade, e.g. Category:690s BC. (Year categories for 13th century and before were merged by consensus at CFD in 2015, but the year and decade categories for births and deaths were recreated following an RFC on biographies.)

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