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Deletion review discussions typically are closed after 7 days of discussion. Due to the nature of these discussions, the standards followed in deletion review discussions differ from those of other discussions. Closers must be very familiar with the standards and outcomes used in the deletion review process.

To archive a DRV discussion:

====[[Header]]==== ← Replace with {{subst:DRV top|[[Header]]|RESULT}}
    Header (edit | talk | history | protect | delete | links | watch | logs | views) ← If this is missing from the discussion it should be included for archiving.
DISCUSSION ← Body of the discussion stays unchanged
{{subst:DRV bottom}} ← Add bottom template
  • Section headers, ====[[Header (closed)]]====, should remain until the daily log is archived.
  • The default for RESULT is "Decision endorsed".
  • Both {{DRV top}} (shortcut: {{drt}}) and {{DRV bottom}} (shortcut: {{drb}}) need to be substituted for the time stamp to work properly. The signature is included in this template, so you don't need to add one.
  • The wikilink brackets [[ ]] around the header should remain so the current status of the article is easily visible (they're not part of the template since not all the text in the headers is always wikilinked, e.g. ====[[Header]] and related articles====.
  • 24 hours after all the discussions on a daily log have been closed, a bot will remove the headers for archiving.
  • When deleting or undeleting a page, make sure to link to the deletion review discussion in your log.
  • User:Lifebaka/closedrv.js is a script to automate the DRV close process.

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