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Output if format=table

Current squad of {{{teamname}}} as of {{{date}}} ([{{fullurl:Template:{{{name}}}|action=edit}}edit])
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This is a combined version of Template:Football squad player and the standard football squad navbox which can be made to display either. It is used in conjunction with Template:Fs2 player. For instructions on usage see below.

Example #1: Basic Link

  • Code:
{{fs2 player | format=table | no=14 | nat=France | pos=FW | first=Thierry | last=Henry | link= | other=}}
  • Table output (format=table):
14  France FW Thierry Henry
  • Navigation box output (format=navbox):

Example #2: Disambiguated link

  • Code:
{{fs2 player | format=table | no=27 | nat=England | pos=DF | first=Steven | last=Taylor | link=Steven Taylor (footballer) | other= }}
  • Table output (format=table):
27  England DF Steven Taylor
  • Navigation box output (format=navbox):

Example #3 Shortname link (in navbox)

  • Code:
{{Fs2 player|format={{{format|navbox}}}|no=6 |nat=Brazil |pos=DF|first=Jadson|last=Viera Castro|shortname=Jadson}}
  • Table output (format=table):
6  Brazil DF Jadson Viera Castro
  • Navigation box output (format=navbox):

Example #4 Shortname link (in navbox and table)

  • Code:
{{Fs2 player|format={{{format|navbox}}}|no=6 |nat=Brazil |pos=DF|first=Jadson|last=Viera Castro|shortname=Jadson|name=Jadson}}
  • Table output (format=table):
6  Brazil DF Jadson
  • Navigation box output (format=navbox):

Example #5 Other comment

  • Code:
{{fs2 player | format=table | no=8 | nat=England | pos=MF | first=Steven | last=Gerrard | link= | other=captain }}
  • Table output (format=table):
8  England MF Steven Gerrard (captain)
  • Navigation box output (format=navbox):


  • format: should be either table (for inclusion on team page) or navbox (for inclusion at bottom of player page).
  • no: The shirt number for the player, if they have one. If the player's number is not known, or unassigned, then you can use the character instead.
  • nat: The player's nationality. Use the name of the country, or its 3-letter IOC country code, rather than an adjective (e.g. "Spain" instead of "Spanish"). This is usually the country of the player's birth; however, if a player has dual nationality then use the country that he represents in international football. The nationality is displayed using the country's flag via Template:Flagicon.
  • first: The player's first name (can also include a middle name if desired). When format=table, the first and last name are shown.
  • last: The player's last name. When format=navbox, only the last name is shown.
  • shortname: This is an optional parameter. It can be used to display disambiguated names or Brazilian player nicknames in the navbox display. (Examples: A. Cole, Lucas, etc.)
  • name: This is an optional parameter. It can be used to display Brazilian player nicknames in the squad table display.
  • other: This is an optional parameter. You can add any related info to this parameter, like specifying captain, vice-captain, whether the player is on loan, etc. It will show additional info in the parentheses after the player name.

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