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This template is designed for use only on disambiguation pages that contain only links to articles for people having the same name. It displays a notice on the page and includes it in the Category:Human name disambiguation pages, a subcategory of Category:Disambiguation pages. It is similar in function to the {{Disambiguation}} template, which is used on general purpose disambiguation pages. Please refer to the following examples:

  • For a disambiguation page containing only human names (e.g. full given name and surname such as "Max Weber"), add (at bottom of page):
  • For a disambiguation page containing both human names and other entries, do not use the {{hndis}} template. Instead, use:
{{Disambiguation|human name}}
{{Hndis|Weber, Max}}
{{Hndis|name=Weber, Max}}
[[Category:Human name disambiguation pages|Weber, Max]]
  • For human name disambiguation pages requiring cleanup, use {{hndis-cleanup}}.

Choosing the proper template

  • A page that lists "Ethan Allen (baseball player)" and "Ethan Allen (furniture company)" should use {{disambiguation|hn}}.
  • A page that lists "Jayson L. Smeltsdorf" and "Jayson Q. Smeltsdorf" should use {{hndis}}.
  • A page that lists all people with the given name "Jayson" should use {{given name}}.
  • A page that lists all people with the surname "Smeltsdorf" should use {{surname}}.

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