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Date {{{spill_date}}}
Cause {{{cause}}}
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Spill characteristics
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{{Infobox oil spill
| name          = 
| image         = 
| image_size    = 
| image_caption = 
| location      = 
| coordinates   = 
| spill_date    = 
| cause         = 
| operator      = 
| casualties    = 
| volume        = 
| area          = 
| coast         = 

Required: name, location, spill_date, and at least one of volume/area/coast.

Unused parameters do not need to be stated (i.e. it isn't necessary to put "casualties = none" or "coast = n/a").

Exxon Valdez oil spill
3 days after Exxon Valdez ran aground
Location Prince William Sound, Alaska
Coordinates 60°50′00″N 146°52′00″W / 60.83333°N 146.86667°W / 60.83333; -146.86667
Date 24 March 1989
Cause Grounding of the Exxon Valdez oil tanker
Operator Exxon
Spill characteristics
Volume 260,000 barrels (41,000 m3) - 750,000 barrels (119,000 m3)
Area 11,000 sq mi (28,000 km2)
Shoreline impacted 1,300 mi (2,100 km)
Parameter Description Example
name should match article name, wiki markup OK ''Exxon Valdez'' oil spill
image do not include "File:" Exval.jpeg
image_size value in pixels, uses default image size if not set. 250px
image_caption description appears centered below image 3 days after ''[[Exxon Valdez]]'' ran aground
location general description of site, preferably with wikilinks [[Prince William Sound]], [[Alaska]]
coordinates specific location using Coord template (can also be used to cause coordinates to appear in article title by setting "display=title,inline") {{Coord|60.83333|-146.86667|region:US-AK_type:landmark|display=inline}}
spill_date start of spill event (or range of dates, for extended spills) 24 March 1989
cause general description of event that initiated the spill Grounding of the ''[[Exxon Valdez]]'' oil tanker
operator company that is financially responsible for spill event (if applicable) [[Exxon]]
casualties deaths or injuries associated with initial spill event (if applicable)
volume amount of oil spilled (or range of best estimates)
Note: some spills are listed as mass (tonnes) instead of volume. See list of oil spills for typical conversions.
{{convert|260000|oilbbl|m3}} - {{convert|750000|oilbbl|m3}}
area area affected by oil (i.e. seafloor or land) {{convert|11000|mi2|abbr=on}}
coast linear length of coastline affected {{convert|1300|mi|abbr=on}}

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