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(Speaker Icon.svg Page will play audio when loaded)

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This template may be used to identify links (in both external links and reference footnotes) to pages with embedded audio which plays without the viewer's input. Unexpected sounds that automatically play when a page is loaded can be jarring to readers (and anyone else within hearing range of the computer).

To use this template, insert the “{{plays audio}}” template before the closing </ref> tag; for example,

 ...lorem ipsum.<ref>{{cite web|url=http://noisy-news.com/abc|accessdate=9 May 2013|title=Foo Bar Baz|work=Noisy News}} {{plays audio}}</ref>

will produce:

...lorem ipsum.[1]

in the text of the article, and

  1. ^ "Foo Bar Baz". Noisy News. Retrieved 9 May 2013.  (Speaker Icon.svg Page will play audio when loaded)
in the reference list (where “{{reflist}}” or “<references/>” appears).

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