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Wikipedia is not a free web host[edit]

Please tag these with {{subst:prod|Wikipedia is not MySpace}} instead.


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This is a list of search terms used to find mainly userspace spam. Feel free to add to it. If you find anything, tag it with {{db-spam}}.

To include this template on your user page, add {{spamsearch}} on your user page.

 Note: Be aware that this page, and anything that it is transcluded on, may show up in these Google searches as well.

I (MER-C) can generate editor-friendly versions of API queries (e.g. userpages containing Template:Infobox Musical artist) on request. Please ask on my talk page.

Edit this template to add the latest spam keywords.

Templates to search Wikipedia[edit]

Search links[edit]

A search link stores a query in a link that takes you to live search results for that stored search. They're found on user pages and talk pages. Use one to bring the full feature set of MediaWiki Search, or features of external search engines, to bear on users unfamiliar with their search parameters.

One type of search link is a wikilink with all the capabilities of Search (search box), and with standard wikilink syntax: [[Special:Search/query| label ]]. So this search link will (1) navigate: [[Special:search/Wales]] → Special:search/Wales or (2) search: [[Special:search/~Wales | search/~Wales ]]search/~Wales if you prefix a ~ tilde character.

All other search links are made from a template that will build a URL instead of wikilink. A URL can for example can call another search engines to search Wikipedia.

  • {{search link}} offers all the capabilities of Search (search box), plus extra (URL) parameters for combinations of namespaces, and where you can escape the 20-results-per page-limitation, shareable: {{search link | et al | ''label'' | ns4 | ns5 | limit = 123 }}label.
  • {{Regex}} – develop an advanced regexp search. {{regexp | \<--.*--> | label = Articles with comments missing the ! bang character | prefix=0 }}Articles with comments missing the ! bang character
  • {{tlusage}} – develop a template regexp search, and pinpoint specific template-call details. {{tlusage | Convert | \{{!}}C\{{!}}F | 0 | Articles that convert Celsius to Fahrenheit}}Articles that convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
  • {{shortSearch}} – create three search links: {{ shortSearch | system operations research }}WP GWP G
(search Wikipedia, "google" Wikipedia, and Google search)

Search boxes[edit]

Search boxes are made by <inputbox> tags. See mw:Extension:InputBox.

Page title searches[edit]

  • {{canned search}} – Link to automated search results for a given term
  • {{in title}} – Search for pages whose name contains given words
  • {{look from}} – Search for pages whose name begins with a given word

For searches with exact matches, exact in upper and lower cases, or in punctuation marks, see Help:Searching#grep.

Other Wikipedia editor helper[edit]

  • {{linksearch}} – Search for external links matching for a URL
  • {{dabsearch|term}} – External tool to find page titles containing a (term) in parentheses. Useful for Wikipedia:disambiguation study.
  • {{help desk searches}} – Navbox with list of links to google pages, specialized to search for example user pages, village pump, etc. Useful for the Wikipedia:Help desk task.
  • {{spamsearch}} – Searches user pages for common spams, e.g. "we service", "leading manufacturer" etc.

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