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Project Guidelines are listed here.  
  • Layouts - Please use the following layouts for SpongeBob pages:
  • Images - Make sure all SpongeBob-related images contain copyright tags and are categorized with this category
  • Categorization - Make sure all SpongeBob-related articles are categorized.
  • Episode titles - When creating a new episode page, if the article exists as something else, name the article Episode title (SpongeBob SquarePants)
  • Moving pages - When moving a page, if the page is already created, please do not copy and paste. Please fill out a form at Wikipedia:Requested moves.
  • Tags - If you see any tags on any SpongeBob article, (i.e. cleanup, wikify, etc.) please notify the WikiProject here. This will make it easier for project members to fix whatever problem there may be.
  • Trivia - Per WP:TRIVIA, trivia is not recommended. Please try to incorporate relevant trivia into the rest of the article.
  • When describing something, please do not use words like "you will notice" or "if you..." etc. See Wikipedia:Avoid weasel words for further information.
  • When writing a new article or making changes to an existing one, please adhere to the manual of style. For example, formal writing on Wikipedia is preferred. Therefore, the use of contractions should be avoided.
  • Writing about fiction - In-universe perspective should not be used when writing about fiction. In-universe perspective includes plots framed as biographies and the birth and death dates of fictional characters. Instead, use perspective of the real world.