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Theodor2.jpg Knight-errant of the FA
The noble Theodor, High King in Wikipedia, gazes with marveling favour on the Featured Articles of this user:

List FA's in the third argument — thanks! :)

The king therefore dubs him a Knight-errant of the FAe. May Mab herself bless this user's work!


This award is intended to honor the true nobility of Wikipedia, specifically those users who have shown (and continue to show) inspiring leadership, clear thinking and beautiful prose while repeatedly, inexorably bringing articles to FA status. Excelsior!

Fun trivia[edit]

Fae is indeed the correct Latin plural of "FA".

Mab (sometimes called Medb or Titania) is the Queen of the Fae and someone not to be trifled with; she's described in Shakespeare's plays, Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream.

The term "King in Somewhere" was a wonderfully finessed royal title from the history of Prussia. The Emperor needed the help of a certain lord, who desired to be called "king". Since the Emperor couldn't make him "King of Somewhere" without risking war, he made him "King in Somewhere". Being a title that suggests nobility and location without granting power, it's perfect for Theodor, who has a gruff but noble spirit and lives indeed in Wikipedia.

The Wikipedians who seek out articles and transform them Midas-like into Featured Articles bring to mind the knight-errants of yore. We live in different times, but the generous and noble impulses, being immortal, can find new forms of expression.


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