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Template returns the value of mathematical constants to ten significant digits.


{{Value|constant name}}

Constant name - the name of the mathematical constant. Default is Multiplicative identity, i.e. 1.

List of supported constants[edit]

  • π or pi (3.141592654)
  • golden ratio, φ, ϕ, phi
  • natural log, Euler's number, Napier's constant, e
  • Euler's constant, γ, gamma
  • Apery's constant, Apéry's constant, ζ(3), zeta(3), zeta3, zeta (3), zeta 3
  • plastic number, plastic constant, ρ, rho
  • silver ratio, δS, deltaS, delta S
  • δ or delta
  • α or alpha
  • Additive identity
  • Multiplicative identity

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