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This template combines several talk page banners (generally three or more) into a nested shell. They were designed for WikiProject banners and will only work reliably with such templates.

WikiProject assessment bots may change shell templates per this usage guideline when the bot is editing the talk page for other reasons. If local consensus on a talk page is to not follow this guideline, please specify |collapsed=yes or |collapsed=no explicitly to override the bots.

Basic syntax

{{WikiProject banner shell|1=

All parameters

{{WikiProject banner shell|blp=|blpo=|activepol=|collapsed=|1=

The |1= is not optional and must be included at the end of the first line.

Optional parameters

  1. Adding |blp=yes or |living=yes will display the {{BLP}} banner above the shell. This must be added for articles about living people. Don't add |blp=no or |living=no for dead people.
  2. Adding |blpo=yes will display the {{BLP others}} banner above the shell. This should be used for articles where {{BLP}} does not apply directly to the subject, but which nevertheless have content that directly relates to other living persons. Cannot be used if |blp=yes.
  3. Adding |activepol=yes will display the {{Active politician}} banner above the shell.
  4. Adding |collapsed=yes will cause the outer table to be collapsed, hiding even the project names. Adding |collapsed=no (the default) will cause the outer table to not be collapsed, showing the summary of the banners.

See also

  • {{Article history}} – For a template to condense Peer Reviews and other Good- or Featured-article history
  • {{Old AfD multi}} – For listing multiple deletion debates
  • {{Skip to talk}} – To skip past the many banners and templates straight to the table of contents
  • {{WPBannerMeta}} – the skeleton template for individual WikiProject banners