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Notes on use

The WhoNamedIt and WhoNamedIt2 templates help markup links to http://www.whonamedit.com, the Who Named It? English-language dictionary of medical eponyms and the persons associated with their identification.

Two parameters are required; a third to display an alternative linked text is optional.

  1. REQUIRED - specifies whether in the websites list of syndromes or doctors. Values generally are "synd" or "doctor".
  2. REQUIRED - the topic number
  3. OPTIONAL - Alternative text to be shown rather than {1}/{2}. Hence for the doctor's or syndrome's name. As a new feature (Jan 2007), most articles using this template will until now have manually marked-up the information on the condition or doctor being referred to (as per first example below).

Example for the doctor Robert James Graves:

Markup  {{WhoNamedIt|doctor|695}}
Giving  doctor/695 at Who Named It?
And this might be used in an External links section...
Markup  Robert James Graves {{WhoNamedIt|doctor|695}}
Giving  Robert James Graves doctor/695 at Who Named It?

The new third parameter allows:

Markup  {{WhoNamedIt|doctor|695|Robert James Graves}}
Giving  Robert James Graves at Who Named It?

To use this as a footnote citation (see WP:Footnotes), enclose within <ref> tags thus:

Markup ...<ref>{{WhoNamedIt|doctor|695|Robert James Graves}}</ref>
Giving ...[1]
  1. ^ Robert James Graves at Who Named It?


Use of the WhoNamedIt2 template may be preferred when it is desired not to display "at WhoNamedIt", e.g., when listing several doctors involved in describing a syndrome. It takes the same required/optional parameters as the main WhoNamedIt template.

Markup  {{WhoNamedIt2|doctor|695|Robert James Graves}}
Giving  Robert James Graves

An example of using both templates together comes from Gilbert's syndrome:

Markup  {{WhoNamedIt|synd|2877|Gilbert's syndrome}}
        {{WhoNamedIt2|doctor|2446|Nicolas Augustin Gilbert}} and his colleague {{WhoNamedIt|doctor|2448|Pierre Lereboullet}}
Giving  Gilbert's syndrome at Who Named It?
        Nicolas Augustin Gilbert and his colleague Pierre Lereboullet at Who Named It?

WhoNamedIt URLs

This template configures the url for: http://www.whonamedit.com/<<doctor/synd>>.cfm/<<topic number>>.html