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Brand name variables[edit]

I don't want to go cluttering up this template with too many brand names but in some cases there are a number of variables:

  • Testostone(s) - in addition to Sustanon and Sustamed (never heard of the latter myself) there are
    • Omnadren - Russian-manfuactured, considered weak/unreliable and often "dirty" (noted for acne/skin problems)
    • Duratsston - similar to Sustanon, manufactured by Organon Brazil
    • Polysteron - ditto, but marketed in Colombia (and Peru?); not sure where it's made
    • Teston - a "weak" Mexican testosterone, single-ester, ditto "Testex"
    • Depoviron - testosterone propionate
    • Testoviron - (Schering?) in 100mg it's enanthate only, in 250mg it's enanthate spiked with a bit of propionate 200mg/50m respectively I think
      • I guess single-esters aren't listable, but methyltestosterone, known as methyltest and T-1, is looked ddown upon as weak at the same time as having more DHT-related side effects; I guess that would be for the testosterone article, and the citation problem would be that's user-community knowledge, and not in the medical literature, at least not in that form.
    • shouldn't Deca Durabolin be specified as Decaonate? Because there's a Nandrolone undecanoate, and it's not the same thing; can't remember the brandname, and have seen on product (non-counterfeit) simply labelled "Nandrolone". Also there's "Laurabolin" out there, which is a 50mg formulation, I think of decanoate but I'm not sure just now; it may be veterinary but the template name doesnt' say "Anabolic steroids manufactured for human use". "Norma" also gets tossed around as a quasi-brand name for nandrolone decaonate, but that's the company name; their vials just say "nandrolone decanoate"
There's trenbolone acetate and trenbolone citrate, I think; or another -ate. "Fina" is also AFAIK short for "Finaplex" and it, too, was originally veterinary, used in making cattle big and tasty....
  • Dianabol
I'm putting the brand name ratehr than the chemical name here because I've seen other things on the bottle than "Methandrostenolone". Thai dbol - London Pharmaceuticals, the famous pink tabs, is "methandionene" and there's "Methandon" also sold/mfr'd in Thailand which are white pills and I think its label says "methandione". I might have those reversed but it know it's not "methandrolstenolone" on either of their bottles, though I've seen it on the injectable Mexican veterinary Dianabol.
Am I just not seeing this in the midst of all the -ones and -enes and -ates? Maybe it's not there because it's veterinary? i.e. Equipoise? Once again, the template title does not specify human formulations.....

I hope that was constructive; to incorporate all brand names it's quite likely necessary to break the template up into further sections....and I submit that having only brand names available in the US is not appropriate, which is part of my reason for mentioning the Latin American and Russian sustanon-like formulations. There's another couple of major ones I think I've forgotten just now, if they come ot me of course I'll be back.Skookum1 (talk) 04:54, 30 December 2008 (UTC)

Oh yeah, there's something made in France similar to Masteron in its effects (a "hardening" drug in bb-land), its brand name escapes me just now...begins with a P-, maybe Pr- - sound familiar?Skookum1 (talk) 04:57, 30 December 2008 (UTC)