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I have scabies and are their many kinds?They try to go into my ears and nose?Also why do people say that kids and adults can return to work or school if they re infected and the car and the home.I have had this with fleas caught from a motel out of town.Why would i go out and expose people if i am being bitten and have a infected home and car.This makes no sense from cdc.They say go to school and work but you can pass it along throgh touching and sitting on a chair.I wounder if i have crusted scabies.Due to the face when i take a shower then fill the tub back up with water and use a mag glass i see thousands.I am taking the meds and use the creams but i am still being bitten.Any advice for me?The hospital says it could take a month if i take the meds and clean the car and home to rid my life of these.But the school says this is not true have your child return.When i know what the hospital told me and i know how we feel.It is almost like the school couldn't care less about the well being of others and i have a infestation of thids along with Fleas.Any advice?I dont want to spread this to others and i am making sure to prevent this from spreading like have friends drop off food and meds and etc at my door without coming inside.They reall should change about going to work or school with in 24-48 hours due to this infection.Infestation.Any advice reg this matter? — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 15:33, 11 December 2011 (UTC)