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Some notes[edit]

You cannot use rumdul [sic] without italicising it. First it's not a commonly accepted English name yet, so we should refer to it by it's Latin name. Unless you would rather use the common name in English. That being White Cheesewood, that's fine too. We are not here on Wikipedia to add new words to the English language. This is unlike the word kouprey which has been publicised in many books and articles and has become part of English. There is no reason to use rumdul when there are already terms for it already in use in English, that is White Cheesewood or it's binomial designation: Mitrella mesnyi. As per the manual of style, non-English names can be mentioned in the first line of each article. The banana here is a specific cultivar known in mainly as Ladyfinger Banana. This is known in Khmer as pong moan (chicken egg banana). --Dara (talk) 23:39, 20 November 2011 (UTC)