Temple of Fides

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The Temple of Fides (Latin: aedes Fidei) was a minor temple on the Capitoline Hill in Rome. It was dedicated to Fides, the goddess of good faith, who was patron of diplomatic relations.

It was on the southern part of the Area Capitolina, slightly to the south of the Temple of Ops, in a vast piazza in front of the Temple of Jupiter Optimus Maximus.If still in use by the 4th-century, it would have been closed during the persecution of pagans in the late Roman Empire.

Remains found near the church of Sant'Omobono (including fragments of columns, part of a cement podium and a large female marble head, probably from a temple's acroterion) were previously identified as fragments of the Temple of Ops, but are now thought to be linked to the Temple of Faith, due to the nearby discovery of bilingual inscriptions in Greek and Latin and fragments of treaties between Asia Minor and the Roman Senate.


Coordinates: 41°53′29″N 12°28′52″E / 41.8914°N 12.4812°E / 41.8914; 12.4812