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Ten Alps Plc
Public Limited Company
Industry Media
Founded 1999
Key people
Peter Bertram (Chairman), Nitil Patel, Brian Walden, Roger Graef, Denys Blakeway, Brian Lapping, Norma Percy, Fiona Stourton, Bharti Bhikha, Alan Whibley
Number of employees
c. 400
Website http://www.tenalps.com

Ten Alps Plc (LSETAL) is a UK-based media company, founded in 1999. The plc is now run by Peter Bertram (Chairman) and Nitil Patel (Chief Finance Officer)and four non-executive Directors; Bob Geldof, Tim Hoare, Brian Walden and Mark Wood. It has two operating businesses.

Ten Alps' Broadcast division includes TV production companies Brook Lapping, Films of Record and Blakeway, which make documentary output for BBC, Channel 4 and other broadcasters. Output also includes education TV site Schoolsworld, which hosts 3500 videos from the former government Teachers TV project. Programme clips are hosted on the company's YouTube site.

Ten Alps' Integrated services division provides communications, media sales and a substantial range of business publishing, online and in print, in the UK. The digital services are provided by Ten Alps Communicate and the other services via Ten Alps Publishing, Grove House Publishing.


Ten Alps was founded in 1999 by Alex Connock, Bob Geldof and Des Shaw. For £1 they bought Planet 24 Radio, a subsidiary of Geldof’s previous TV production company Planet 24, producer of The Big Breakfast and The Word, when Planet 24 TV was sold to ITV subsidiary Carlton TV. The name Ten Alps derives from Planet, spelt backwards. The first production was award-winning current affairs radio programme Sunday Service for BBC Radio 5 Live. Ten Alps listed on AiM in 2001.[1]

Group companies[edit]

Key programmes[edit]

  • Iran and the West
  • Death of Yugoslavia
  • Death of Apartheid
  • The Gangster and the Pervert Peer
  • Dinosaurs, Myths and Monsters
  • Congo’s Forgotten Children
  • Unseen Gaza
  • Too Old to Work
  • Planning Wars
  • Extreme Slimmers
  • Teen Mum High
  • Crash Gordon
  • Dog that Saved our Marriage
  • The Creat Crash
  • UR SO V4IN
  • Murder mansion
  • Get Your act Together
  • Madoff
  • China’s Capitalist Revolution
  • Top Dog
  • Kidnapped To Order
  • Tony Blair
  • Last Flight to Kuwait
  • The Trouble with British Airways
  • Visionaries
  • Rivers of Blood
  • The One That Got Away
  • Heat or Eat: The Pensioner’s dilemma
  • Summits
  • Jon Snow’s hidden Iraq
  • Going Postal, Fighting Passions
  • A Mother Like Alex
  • Dispatches: From Jail to jihad
  • The Human Cost of the Credit Crunch
  • Hitler’s British Girl
  • Supergrass, On a Knife Edge
  • Miss Landmine
  • Revenge of the Bin Men
  • May Contain Nuts
  • Tabloids Dirty Secrets
  • King Edward VII
  • A Tale of Two Britains
  • Renaissance Revolution
  • Tabloids Tories and Telephone Hacking
  • Abused: Breaking the Silence
  • Conservation's Dirty Secrets
  • The Hidden Price of Gold
  • 9/11 The Day That Changed the World
  • Putin, Russia and the West



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