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Ten East is an experimental/jam rock project based in the Palm Desert and Los Angeles area of the United States. The musicians involved share a common respect for improvised jamming mixed with years of playing and listening to all types of rock, psychedelic, Latin, jazz, blues, surf and punk music. The end result is an intense, cohesive wall of sound of heavy, dark, instrumental blues with psychedelic and surf overtones.

The name "Ten East" comes from the highway which leads from the heart of Los Angeles towards the desert cities. The music is an expression of feelings that overcome oneself as they travel the two hours time down the length of highway, leaving behind the bustling metropolis and suburban sprawl in the wake of the mesa, mountains, and distant windmills.

Their debut album, Extraterrestrial Highway was released in October 2006 on the record label Cobraside. The follow - up The Robot's Guide to Freedom was released in 2008, on the Lexicon Devil label.

2015- The new Ten East lineup featuring Gary Arce, Bill Stinson and Erik Harbers & Pieter Holkenborg from the band Automatic Sam,will be opening for Yawning Man and Fatso Jetson at the Deventer show (NL) at De Hip on February 13. They will be playing new songs for their upcoming album to be released in 2015.[1]

Band members[edit]

  • Gary Arce - guitar (Sort of Quartet, Yawning Man, Oddio Gasser)
  • Mario Lalli - guitar (Fatso Jetson, Yawning Man, Sort of Quartet, Oddio Gasser)
  • Bill Stinson - drums (Yawning Man,CD6, Fastgato, HOR, Greg Ginn)
  • Bryan Giles - Guitar (Red Fang)
  • Scott Reeder - Bass (Kyuss, The Obsessed)
  • Brant Bjork - bass (Kyuss, Fu Manchu, solo artist)
  • Greg Ginn - Guitar, Organ (Black Flag, Gone, solo artist)
  • Erik Harbers - Bass (Automatic Sam)
  • Pieter Holkenborg - Guitar (Automatic Sam)


Extraterrestrial Highway[edit]

  1. "Heavy Light" – 10:31
  2. "Aqua Beard" – 6:36
  3. "Scraping the Barrel" – 6:57
  4. "Draggin Balls" – 10:18
  5. "Extraterrestrial Highway" – 3:55
  6. "Spiritual Hangover" – 3:48
  7. "Progressive Guillitine" – 12:46
  8. "Expanding Darkness" - 4:16

The Robot's Guide to Freedom[edit]

  1. "Nocturnal Migration" - 7:13
  2. "Sun Filter" - 4:37
  3. "Hogbreath" - 2:46
  4. "Ocean Dome" - 4:58
  5. "Octopad" - 3:53
  6. "Silkworm" - 8:34
  7. "Hexxon" - 6:06
  8. "Moon Tail" - 4:27
  9. "Where the Hunted Hide" - 6:18
  10. "Lockjaw" - 3:34

Skyline Pressure[edit]

  1. "Daisy Cutter"
  2. "Eye Soar"
  3. "Hi Storical Graffiti"
  4. "Planet Blues"
  5. "Skyline Pres Sure"
  6. "Sonars And Myths"
  7. "Stalactite Dip"
  8. "Tangled Forest"


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