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Tereos S.A.
IndustryAgriculture & Bioenergy
HeadquartersLille, France
Key people
Alexis Duval, (Chairman) [1]
Thierry Lecomte, (CEO)
ProductsSugar, Cereal, Bioethanol, Alcohol, Starch
RevenueIncrease 3.6 Billion (2010)
Number of employees
SubsidiariesTereos Internacional

Tereos S.A. is a French maker of sugar, starch and bioethanol.

Tereos produces sugar based on sugar beet and sugar cane. It also engages in the production of fondant sugar.

Subsidiary Syral processes cereals into a range of native starch, starch sugars (glucose syrup, maltodextrin, dextrose, and polyols from corn and wheat starch), bioethanol and by-products intended for animal feed and the supply of electricity.

Tereos has 35 industrial facilities mainly in France and Brazil, but also Czech Republic, Réunion, Mozambique, Spain, Italy, UK and Belgium which produce 2.9 million tons of sugar, 1.8 million tons of starch based products (subsidiary Syral) and 1.5×106 kilolitres (3.3×108 imp gal) of alcohol and ethanol.[citation needed]

The company is headquartered in Lille, France.


Tereos originates from the company called Sucreries et Distilleries de l’Aisne (SDA). In 1999 SDA merged with Sucrerie-Distillerie d’Artenay into Union SDA.

In 2002 sugar company Béghin-Say was taken over by Union SDA and Union des Planteurs de Betteraves à Sucre (Union BS)[2] and merged to Tereos S.A. in January, 2003.

In 2007 the starch sugar and bioethanol part (five plants) of the European starch division of Tate & Lyle known as Amylum group, was bought by starch subsidiary Syral of Tereos. Syral has since closed the Greenwich plant.

Tereos Internacional[edit]

Tereos Internacional is the main subsidiary of Tereos, created in 2010 as a result of a merger of the Group's assets in Brazil, Europe and Indian Ocean. Tereos Internacional is the third largest sugar processor of the world. The company is based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Terios Internacional sells its products to more than 100 countries and will be listed in BM&F Bovespa in São Paulo and in Euronext Paris, becoming the second Brazilian company listed in Paris Stock Exchange,[citation needed] the other is the mining company Vale.

The biggest competitors of Tereos Internacional are the Brazilians Cosan and ETH Bioenergia, the French Louis Dreyfus Group, and the American Archer Daniels Midland.


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